Spotlight - Caroline Eckly

by Spot LA

Carte Blanche, Caroline Eckly.  Photo Credit Jonny Hammeroe

Carte Blanche, Caroline Eckly.  Photo Credit Jonny Hammeroe

Caroline Eckly is originally from Paris, France.  She studied dance at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Dance de Lyon from 1994 - 1998.  Ms Eckly has danced with such companies as Mind the Gap in Cologne, Compagnie Blanca Li, Theatre du Chatelet, Ballet Actuel Toulouse and Ballet du Cappitole in Toulouse.  She was earlier employed at Tanzteather Nürnberg from 2002, where she worked with many different choreographers such as Stijn Celis, Susanna Leinonen, Yorma Elo, Russel Naliphant and Rui Horta.  She joined Carte Blanche in the autumn of 2008.  Check out some of her Favs below.  Enjoy!

Photo Credit Yaniv Cohen

Photo Credit Yaniv Cohen

Shopping - Caroline loves to buy books

Necessary Extravagance - Being a company member of Carte Blanche has its perks and she along with her fellow artists are lucky to get an hour massage every two weeks with a fantastic masseuse from Bergen.  Its a real treat for her and in a busy work period, she'll take Magnesium to help the muscles release.

Favorite Place in the World - Paris

Favorite Movie - "Todo Sopra mi Madre" from Pedro Almodovar, "Habemus Papam" from Nanni Moretti, "Django unchained" from Quentin Tarantino

Favorite Hotel - any place with a swimming pool

Where do you live - Bergen, Norway

Favorite Sheets - plain white

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Favorite Drink - Caroline says the Norwegian water is delicious but age also drinks quite a lot of coffee...and loves wine

Favorite Gadget - a little crocodile key-ring that her daughter gave her

Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant - Spisekrokken,  in Bergen

Favorite Dessert - Tiramisu

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Favorite Snack - Nuts

Favorite Soap - Savon de Marseilles

Haircut - she wears it short and curly

Coffee or Tea - Coffee

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Favorite Comfort Food - Ms Eckly loves cheese.....

Always in your Fridge - Parmesan Cheese

Caroline's bag

Caroline's bag

Never Leave Home Without......a book, a pen, lip balsam, and in Norway - gloves

Favorite Underwear - "Princesse Tam-Tam" by Calvin Klein

Favorite Accessory - a leather hand-bag she bought on tour in France with a lot of pockets 

Favorite Store - "Comptoir des cotonniers"

Favorite Piece of Jewelry - a ring from her mother in law