by Spot LA

 Sarah Bukowski as Marzipan, photo credit Art Lessman

 Sarah Bukowski as Marzipan, photo credit Art Lessman

The Nutcracker suite is a dazzling repertoire of chocolate covered dance, that you can actually walk through. It's is an experience and performance that fulfills all your childhood fantasies. From hot chocolate and popcorn to coffee ice cream, gingerbread cookies and marzipan, they got it all covered. Only this time you get to savor these treats with an orchestra behind you and dancers all around you! The dancers are, in fact representing these sweet, festival delights. After all, we are going through The Nutcracker Suite as imagined, choreographed and conceived by Lincoln Jones.

The experience already starts in line for the show, which takes place on the 32nd floor of the Bloc Tower in Downtown LA. We walk into what looks like a 60s office space, where we are told by a charming redhead, to wipe our feet on a door mat before walking through a  large door with a sign " The Nutcracker Suite."

From darkness into light, we enter a snow covered playground with human sized wind -up dolls, an ice skating rink, an orchestra, and beautiful people offering you hot chocolate, champagne and whatever your heart desires. The orchestra warms your heart as you feel the harmony and effortless flow in their selections from Tchaikovsky's The Nutckracker, arranged by James & Kathy McMillen. The space is so magical, you want to stay in it forever. The exposed brick walls and roughness of American Contemporary Ballet just makes it so much more alternative than any other classical ballet show you have seen before. If you like dance, dreamy sets, and the holiday season, you must go see it for yourself! Oh, and make sure to bring a child! They will love you forever.

Don't miss this Immersive Ballet Wonderland.  The performance runs through December 23.  Get your tix here.